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Houston Pet Talk - review the story and photos featuring Dr. Franklin Rose and family

This is a fun story found while reviewing google results Cindi & Dr. Franklin Rose:

Houston Pet Talk – January/February 2010 : The Man with the Golden Touch

Copied from this story for our archive (sometimes pages on the internet come and go):

The Man with the Golden Touch

by Michelle Mantor:     

Dr. Franklin Rose anoints our new look

How do you launch a “facelift” of a magazine? After much “noodling” on the subject, I thought it would be fitting to invite one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the U.S. that resides right here in the Bayou City, Dr. Franklin Rose, to help us kick off our new look. I have met Dr. Rose and his family at numerous pet-related events over the years and I thought with his connection to animals and his extraordinary eye for transforming things into a more beautiful version of its former self, he was the man for the job!

As you have hopefully noticed, our “look” has changed to reflect the start of a new decade and also to celebrate Houston PetTalk turning 10 in 2010! Reaching a 10th anniversary in the world of print magazines is quite an accomplishment and we are thankful to our advertising sponsors (we wouldn’t be here without them) and our loyal readers. We would love to hear from you regarding our “facial rejuvenation” and any ideas for content that you would like to see in this coming year.

In collaboration with our design team of Andrew Burwell and Desiree Walton, we did a few enhancements, augmentations and reconstruction to give you a fresh new face for 2010 and beyond. The cosmetic makeover was not the only impetus behind the changes. We wanted to give you, our reader, an editorial style of more information “bytes” for quick readers while still maintaining the integrity of more informative and detailed articles.

Lastly, our culture has become more focused on getting back to nature with holistic approaches to health and eco-conscious products and practices. To that end, we have created a new section called Back To Nature. You will also continue to see interesting travel editorial, product previews, compelling feature stories and local resources in support of Houston’s pet community.

We hope you enjoy the new face of PetTalk and we thank Dr. Rose and his two-legged and four-legged family for giving us a great send-off as we sail into 2010!

A Rose like no other – Dr. Franklin A. Rose, MD

Born to be a doctor is how I would describe Franklin Rose. He grew up in Colorado and followed his older brother’s footsteps to medical school. “I loved medicine but I also had a great appreciation for art. My mother and my wife are artists”, says Franklin with his signature smile. He adds, “when I was going through my rotations in med school, I was fascinated when I encountered cosmetic surgery. It was a way to combine my medical knowledge with my love of art.” It has been said that the best plastic surgeons are those who have an artistic ability, hence one of the reasons Dr. Rose is so well respected in his industry.

Not only did Franklin love medicine and art growing up, but he also had an affinity for nature and animals. He, along with his wife Cindi, his son Ben and his daughter Erica, have had a plethora of furry creatures throughout the years including dogs, cats, turtles (not so furry!), rabbits, ducks and horses. But the pet that really stole his heart was a Golden Retriever named Napoleon. “When my big brother went off to college, my parents thought I needed company given that I was only 13 and would be at home for a few more years. They got Napoleon and we were inseparable. He lived to be 14 years old and he passed away when I was in med school.

It was years before I could bring myself to have another pet”, says Franklin.

But alas, as all pet lovers do, temptation and heartstrings take over and we find our selves “pet parents” once again. He and Cindi decided to get a Maltese because their young daughter Erica wanted something to cuddle. “Puff”, as she was called, passed away a few years ago at the age of 18. Hmm…is there some anti-aging property in the Rose’s water?

As a surgeon, Franklin is nationally renowned, board certified and oversees his own plastic surgery practice and medical spa. He has been featured on Dr. Phil and MTV's I Want A Famous Face.

His achievements are too numerous to mention but a few endeavors deserve the spotlight.

First, he and Cindi created the Rose Ribbon Foundation in 2005 to provide free reconstructive surgery to post-cancer patients who are not able to afford health insurance. Dr. Rose performs dozens of surgeries annually.

In addition to the Rose Ribbon Foundation, Franklin has donated his surgery expertise on many other occasions for which he was awarded the “Marvin’s Angel” award for charitable surgery numerous times. He is also involved with the American Diabetes Association, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet, the Human Rights Gala and Citizens For Animal Protection.

Meet Cindi Rose 

Talented and giving, Cindi is an accomplished artist, very active in charitable causes, a champion of the environment and nature and most that know her are well aware of her amazing cooking abilities. Yes, she prepares unbelievable creations every day for her family’s meals.

Most recently, Cindi began writing a column on beauty and health for Absolutely! In The Loop magazine. Her advice is always centered around respecting nature, never harming animals (no products developed using animal testing are allowed in Dr. Rose’s spa, Utopia Med Spa) and finding the balance and healing properties of the natural elements.

One of the most notable aspects about Cindi is that she is a distinguished silhouette artist.She has been creating beautiful silhouettes since she was a young girl, all the way from Houston to Hollywood and Disneyworld. She has produced silhouettes for Elvis, Queen Elizabeth, Barbara Bush, Peter Fonda and others.

Always aware of those in need, Cindi creates Silhouettes For Survivors through the Rose Ribbon Foundation and she also creates pet silhouettes and donates a portion to charity (see inset).

Meet Ben Rose 

Charming and effervescent, Ben is in law school but his real challenge right now is his 7-month old Goldendoodle, “Hampton”. Ben is quite a proud father but as puppies go (especially big ones), Hampton is rambunctious and full of energy. After our photo session and many funny antics from the big golden boy, all agreed that Hampton would benefit from a few training sessions but that he was destined to be a great dog. And, we think Ben is destined to be a great lawyer too!

Meet Erica Rose 

Erica has always been a pet lover and she laughs as she explains the numerous pets she has somehow managed to talk her parents in to over the years. Her current love is Shayna, a five year old King Charles Cavalier.

Currently in law school with an intent to utilize her skills in the entertainment industry, Erica spends time in L.A. where she has been involved with animal charities including the Amanda Foundation and the Cesar Millan Foundation.

Here in Houston, Erica and Cindi competed in the TV reality show “The Great Raise” where they won the “raise” part of the contest raising the most money for charity and they have both been honorees at the Citizens For Animal Protection Gala.

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