Monday, February 20, 2017

Identical Twins Plastic Surgery with Dr. Franklin Rose

Identical twins share almost identical genetic DNA and often strive to maintain their same look, while others at times strive to attain an individual look from each other - These complex ideas of identity have fascinated audiences for years. 
What happens when only one twin thinks it's time for plastic surgery? And where do friends & family stand on what is normally a personal decision?
Have you ever wondered why some people look older than their years, while others seem to have found the fountain of youth? Well, some of it is genetics, but it all depends on your lifestyle, how much stress you endure, how much time you spend in the sun. And studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgery on identical twins prove sometimes that's true by showing one twin aging differently from the other. Many twins turn to plastic surgery to restore their same look while others choose not to do so. 
Whether you are a twin seeking to regain the appearance of your youth, or to look more similar to your twin, or to have plastic surgery to look different from your twin, you could be a perfect match to appear on the Dr. Phil show with noted plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose - we do want to hear your story and hear from you to determine if you are a candidate for such a procedure should you be willing to appear on television and share your story! 

Houston Plastic Surgeon Franklin Rose, MD has appeared on the Dr. Phil show multiple times for his expertise in the field and is noted by Dr. Phil who endorses Dr. Rose as "responsible for telling people the truth and he is the surgeon to go to have anything done should you wish to have plastic surgery." 
If you are a twin seeking plastic surgery kindly tell us a little about yourself and what procedures you are considering and send a photo to Dr. Rose for consideration at
YOU WILL DO A DOUBLE TAKE when you see this cute story about IDENTICAL TWINS who had quadruple upper & lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts) by Dr. Franklin RoseABC13-Gina Gaston reviews new techniques in Blepharoplasty including a new muscle elevating & tightening technique, making these ladies look natural, beautiful, & essentially more than 12 -15 years younger! These ladies wanted to maintain their same look as twins; and, incidentally, are married to two brothers too!

Review the video - click on the image above!
Review the video – click on the image above!
Read the original story & review the video:
ABOUT FRANKLIN ROSE, MD: Dr. Franklin Rose is widely celebrated for his expertise in plastic surgery.  For this reason, he has been noted by Life & Style Magazine as "The Plastic Surgeon the Stars Travel to when they want a Makeover" and is sought out by many press & media outlets to discuss the latest topics & trends in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgery.

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  3. They look the same that's amazing Dr. Rose!