Monday, December 18, 2017

Breast cancer survivor faces bullying after Melania Makeover

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania Trump? Catch up with Claudia Sierra to Find out Why She Chose to do so! With Emmy-Award Winning Anchor Dominique Sachse and featuring Dr. Franklin Rose

UPDATED! Watch the video in the link above and read the transcript and see the story in full featuring Dr. Franklin Rose:

HOUSTON – For Claudia Sierra, years of bullying and teasing about her looks took a toll on the mother of two.
“Being bullied for my skin color, my nose, my heritage, my hair, my everything, and I would make fun of my own self with these kids that would make fun of me, and I brought it up all the way to an adult,” Sierra said.
Sierra said the bullying even carried over into romantic relationships.
“It was natural for me to be abused in relationships,” she said. “And then it went a step further, where the mental and the abuse words were not working, so this particular person thought, well, let me toss her around. I had a bar stool smashed on my head. I mean, on my nose, and it popped.”
A survivor of domestic violence, Sierra also beat breast cancer.
Even after celebrating those victories, she continued to endure criticism about her appearance. One conversation in particular made her decide she was ready change the way she looked.
“I went on a date, and this man asked for my driver’s license to confirm my age, and I said, ‘I’m 41,’ and I was so excited about it,” Sierra said. “I had just finished having breast cancer, did the radiation. It was one of my first dates. I was super-excited. He looked at (my ID) and said, ‘You look a lot older than that.’”
She went to Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose for consultation.
“I said, ‘Dr. Rose, I want you to change everything that has mentally hurt me. And I don’t want to feel or look at that person anymore,’” Sierra said. “When you have cancer, there’s a lot of sleep that is lost. And I felt a little weak, and I didn’t look rested, so we pulled my cheeks back. We did kind of
like a semi-facelift right here.”
Dr. Rose removed a bump in her nose, gave her breast implants, a tummy tuck and sculpted her abs.
“I feel like a woman again,” Sierra said.
Sierra said the entire makeover was inspired by a famous first lady: Melania Trump.
Sierra’s surgeries were chronicled by television show Inside Edition and made headlines in the New York Daily News, turning her story into a media sensation and creating a backlash.
“I said I was inspired by her. I never said I wanted to look exactly like her,” Sierra said. “Melania Trump is Melania Trump, and Claudia Sierra is Claudia Sierra.”
Once people got wind of the story, Sierra said the bullying started again – this time on social media.
“Every night, at 3 or 4 in the morning, for some reason I wake up and I’ve got Google alerts, and I’ve got messages from random friends, and they’re like, ‘Gosh, can you believe what they’re saying? Can you believe, can you believe? Claudia, you’re just getting bashed. Did you see this picture they put out on you?'”
When asked what she wants people to really know about her, Sierra’s response was simple.
“I feel so good, and I’m so healthy, and I wish the people that are judging me and insulting me would say, ‘You know what, if I could, I would.’ Let me enjoy it. Let me have this moment,” she said.
Sierra said although hurtful, the entire ordeal has made her stronger. She said she now plans to write a book on bullying and use it to encourage children and adults who have been bullied, as well as help women who have been the victims of domestic abuse.

Claudia’s story was featured on KPRC Tuesday, December 5th at 10pm with Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse and Dr. Franklin Rose on Channel 2 in Houston.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Gina Gaston Reviews Bariatric Plastic Surgery with Franklin A. Rose, MD

BIG to Little! Sunday on ABC with Gina Gaston

HOUSTON, TX – May 21, 2016: Marcus Cook had a wake-up call when he looked at the scales after seeing a photo of himself at a crawfish boil last year. Weighing well over 400 pounds, Marcus decided it was time to take action and face his challenge head-on.
Following gastric bypass surgery his whole life changed when watching an Ironman Triathlon on TV. Since that time, Marcus has shed over 260 pounds and participated in 6 triathlons including the IRONMAN competition, a charitable athletic event that has raised over 50 million dollars to help those in need  – inspiring and encouraging others on their massive weight loss journeys and chronicling his own on his website
Despite his incredible story of success and triumph, Marcus found that after his dramatic weight loss there still remained – the loose, hanging skin on his stomach serving as a constant reminder of his heavier self; holding him back from many athletic activities he wishes to excel in that could not be resolved with diet and exercise alone. 

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says stories like these are common. “Following extreme weight loss after bariatric and gastric bypass surgery, the whole body changes. After working hard to lose the excess weight, it’s understandable that patients want to continue to improve their appearance. With an an abdominoplasty, also called a ‘tummy-tuck’ procedure, we can significantly improve both the patient’s outward appearance as well as boosting their overall health and self-esteem, helping individuals continue to achieve their weight loss, fitness, and personal goals.”
Follow IRONMAN Marcus Cook’s  journey before, during, & after surgery to see his BIG REVEAL on ABC! 

Tune into ABC Eyewitness News on Channel 13 on Sunday, May 21 at 5:30 & 10pm to review Marcus Cook’s BIG REVEAL following his cosmetic abdominoplasty by Dr. Franklin Rose with Gina Gaston!

gina gaston review

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews NEW Facelift Techniques for 2017

Review the March issue of Allure Magazine Jolene Edgar reports:
NOW Both Men AND Women are Increasingly turning to Facelifts to Reverse the Signs of Aging as Well
One such patient is Attorney Mitchell Katine, an attorney in his mid-50’s, who recently underwent facial and eyelid rejuvenation performed by well-known Houston plastic surgeon Franklin A. Rose, M.D. ^^ Review Mr. Katine's photo above ^^. After a short interval away from work, (about ten days) Mr. Katine was able to return to his full responsibilities as a practicing attorney.  Mr. Katine successfully won landmark legislation at the United States Supreme Court regarding LGBT rights.
Noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Houston, Texas has been interviewed by the “Beauty Experts” at Allure Magazine (read the story here) for his facelifts, eyelifts, and other work he has performed on many celebrities and Reality TV stars, and even noted by other popular magazines such as Star and Life & Style magazines and others as “the plastic surgeon the stars travel to when they want a makeover.”
Lasers & needles have long been serving as the gateway for millions to the world of cosmetic surgery but NEW advances in the old-school techniques have made plastic surgery an even more appealing process with more natural looking results. Major players like toxins, fillers, & lasers have comprised the lion's share of the anti-aging world’s breaking news since the FDA approval of Botox for cosmetic use 15 years ago; and for excellent reason: smooth-operators such as Botox & Dysport and wrinkle-fillers Restylane & Juvederm can work miracles.  Even so; against the backdrop of flashy, non-surgical "breakthroughs", The king of all anti-aging interventions, the facelift has been returning in popularity to re-claim the throne.
As non-surgical/ no-downtime treatments & lunchtime procedures have removed most of the taboo and brought cosmetic treatments into the mainstream, many women are starting to realize the need at times for the longer-lasting and more measurable results of face-lift surgery, especially when it comes to addressing very deep lines & wrinkles and loose, hanging skin; whereas in-office procedures can only do so much.
It also helps that the facelift has enjoyed a makeover of its own recently. Dr. Franklin Rose has developed a new and innovative set of procedures he calls a Growth-Factor enhanced facelift using the patient’s own tissues which can result in faster healing while restoring lost volume to the face and neck areas. His specific techniques utilize a 4 layer technique to address the aging face and neck to create a more youthful look. It is a combination of the new SMAS facelift that addresses three layers of tissue (unlike older methods that just pulled tight the top layer of skin alone), along with the patient’s own harvested fat rich cells (via liposuction) and PRP-plasma to enhance his technique.
Before & after houston facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)
Before & after facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)
Indya Rydman is one such patient who has elected to undergo this procedure by well-known Houston plastic surgeon Franklin A. Rose, M.D. ^^ Review her photos above ^^.
“The face-lift’s main goal is to remedy laxity in the lower face and neck, not to erase every little flaw.” So, fillers still have their role in the arena of options available to address the #agingface. However; “droopy cheeks, an ambiguous #jawline, and a neck marred by #wattle and bands can be mostly or completely corrected” with the newer, three-layer facelift technique.  The newer #SMAS facelift addresses three layers of skin and tissue-unlike older methods that only pulled tight the top layer of skin alone. 
Follow Indya's journey before, during, & after surgery to review her BIG REVEAL on ABC on Dr. Franklin Rose's blog: 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts by Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose in Seabrook, Texas

Haute Mommies and Bella Babies is excited to welcome back the fabulous Cindi Rose, silhouette artist and star of Bravo's Married to Medicine Houston!!

The world's premier silhouette artist with over 35 years experience will be at Haute Mommies & Bella Babies new location in Seabrook, Sat, May 13th, from 12:00 to 3:00, hand-cutting profiles on the highest quality authentic silhouette paper mounted on acid-free mats. Cindi Harwood Rose, is a former Disney silhouette artist! Her work is smooth and she truly captures the life of her subjects. She has been Featured through many press outlets including People, Dr. Phil, American Profile Magazine, Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lisa Ling, Bravo, ABC, CBS, and many Paramont Pictures. In person she has silhouetted Queen Elizabeth, President Bush, Elvis, Sammy Davis, Liberace, Ashley Judd, Tony Bennet, and a host of other stars. The award winning documentary "Silhouette Secrets" features Cindi Rose as America's best silhouette artist. Don't settle for less!

 Rose is from generations of papercutters and portrait artists. She specializes in wiggly children, and adults. She can rid of the double chin, slim the nose in her artwork. She can do the pets from pet profile photos laser printed and brought in around 4 inches. Get your holiday shopping done at once! and SilhouettesbyCindiFacebook, Watch Cindi on YouTube, An American Hero! No price to come, silhouette cost is per person. Reserve your time slot now!
Price $35 each person.
Duplicate copies $15 each person.
Mats and frames from $5 to $38. Special Disney frames for only $16.99!
Review more details & reserve your spot for the time most convenient for you here:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Identical Twins Plastic Surgery with Dr. Franklin Rose

Identical twins share almost identical genetic DNA and often strive to maintain their same look, while others at times strive to attain an individual look from each other - These complex ideas of identity have fascinated audiences for years. 
What happens when only one twin thinks it's time for plastic surgery? And where do friends & family stand on what is normally a personal decision?
Have you ever wondered why some people look older than their years, while others seem to have found the fountain of youth? Well, some of it is genetics, but it all depends on your lifestyle, how much stress you endure, how much time you spend in the sun. And studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgery on identical twins prove sometimes that's true by showing one twin aging differently from the other. Many twins turn to plastic surgery to restore their same look while others choose not to do so. 
Whether you are a twin seeking to regain the appearance of your youth, or to look more similar to your twin, or to have plastic surgery to look different from your twin, you could be a perfect match to appear on the Dr. Phil show with noted plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose - we do want to hear your story and hear from you to determine if you are a candidate for such a procedure should you be willing to appear on television and share your story! 

Houston Plastic Surgeon Franklin Rose, MD has appeared on the Dr. Phil show multiple times for his expertise in the field and is noted by Dr. Phil who endorses Dr. Rose as "responsible for telling people the truth and he is the surgeon to go to have anything done should you wish to have plastic surgery." 
If you are a twin seeking plastic surgery kindly tell us a little about yourself and what procedures you are considering and send a photo to Dr. Rose for consideration at
YOU WILL DO A DOUBLE TAKE when you see this cute story about IDENTICAL TWINS who had quadruple upper & lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts) by Dr. Franklin RoseABC13-Gina Gaston reviews new techniques in Blepharoplasty including a new muscle elevating & tightening technique, making these ladies look natural, beautiful, & essentially more than 12 -15 years younger! These ladies wanted to maintain their same look as twins; and, incidentally, are married to two brothers too!

Review the video - click on the image above!
Review the video – click on the image above!
Read the original story & review the video:
ABOUT FRANKLIN ROSE, MD: Dr. Franklin Rose is widely celebrated for his expertise in plastic surgery.  For this reason, he has been noted by Life & Style Magazine as "The Plastic Surgeon the Stars Travel to when they want a Makeover" and is sought out by many press & media outlets to discuss the latest topics & trends in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgery.

See Dr. Franklin Rose on the Dr. Phil ShowAndersonCNNEntertainment TonightABC Prime-time with Lisa LingInside EditionNightlineE! Entertainment NewsAccess HollywoodThe Wall Street JournalThe National EnquirerUSA TodayNY Daily NewsCosmopolitan,  Us WeeklyIn TouchAllureStar and Life & Style Magazines by selecting an image below!
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Please review Dr. Franklin Rose’s YouTube Channel and our DailyMotion for the latest Plastic Surgery before and after videos, TV appearances, and news clips!