Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews NEW Facelift Techniques for 2017

Review the March issue of Allure Magazine Jolene Edgar reports:
NOW Both Men AND Women are Increasingly turning to Facelifts to Reverse the Signs of Aging as Well
One such patient is Attorney Mitchell Katine, an attorney in his mid-50’s, who recently underwent facial and eyelid rejuvenation performed by well-known Houston plastic surgeon Franklin A. Rose, M.D. ^^ Review Mr. Katine's photo above ^^. After a short interval away from work, (about ten days) Mr. Katine was able to return to his full responsibilities as a practicing attorney.  Mr. Katine successfully won landmark legislation at the United States Supreme Court regarding LGBT rights.
Noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Houston, Texas has been interviewed by the “Beauty Experts” at Allure Magazine (read the story here) for his facelifts, eyelifts, and other work he has performed on many celebrities and Reality TV stars, and even noted by other popular magazines such as Star and Life & Style magazines and others as “the plastic surgeon the stars travel to when they want a makeover.”
Lasers & needles have long been serving as the gateway for millions to the world of cosmetic surgery but NEW advances in the old-school techniques have made plastic surgery an even more appealing process with more natural looking results. Major players like toxins, fillers, & lasers have comprised the lion's share of the anti-aging world’s breaking news since the FDA approval of Botox for cosmetic use 15 years ago; and for excellent reason: smooth-operators such as Botox & Dysport and wrinkle-fillers Restylane & Juvederm can work miracles.  Even so; against the backdrop of flashy, non-surgical "breakthroughs", The king of all anti-aging interventions, the facelift has been returning in popularity to re-claim the throne.
As non-surgical/ no-downtime treatments & lunchtime procedures have removed most of the taboo and brought cosmetic treatments into the mainstream, many women are starting to realize the need at times for the longer-lasting and more measurable results of face-lift surgery, especially when it comes to addressing very deep lines & wrinkles and loose, hanging skin; whereas in-office procedures can only do so much.
It also helps that the facelift has enjoyed a makeover of its own recently. Dr. Franklin Rose has developed a new and innovative set of procedures he calls a Growth-Factor enhanced facelift using the patient’s own tissues which can result in faster healing while restoring lost volume to the face and neck areas. His specific techniques utilize a 4 layer technique to address the aging face and neck to create a more youthful look. It is a combination of the new SMAS facelift that addresses three layers of tissue (unlike older methods that just pulled tight the top layer of skin alone), along with the patient’s own harvested fat rich cells (via liposuction) and PRP-plasma to enhance his technique.
Before & after houston facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)
Before & after facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)
Indya Rydman is one such patient who has elected to undergo this procedure by well-known Houston plastic surgeon Franklin A. Rose, M.D. ^^ Review her photos above ^^.
“The face-lift’s main goal is to remedy laxity in the lower face and neck, not to erase every little flaw.” So, fillers still have their role in the arena of options available to address the #agingface. However; “droopy cheeks, an ambiguous #jawline, and a neck marred by #wattle and bands can be mostly or completely corrected” with the newer, three-layer facelift technique.  The newer #SMAS facelift addresses three layers of skin and tissue-unlike older methods that only pulled tight the top layer of skin alone. 
Follow Indya's journey before, during, & after surgery to review her BIG REVEAL on ABC on Dr. Franklin Rose's blog: 


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